Are you a veteran that’s looking to buy or sell a home and need some help? In this episode of Hella Smart, we’re going to hear from Davetta Thibeaux, a United States Army veteran that I recently helped qualify for a loan. We’ll learn about her experience and see how she was able to transition to a new home.

Davetta’s Story

Davetta needed to sell an existing home and buy a new one. Because she’s a veteran, I helped her get the necessary documents she needed to qualify for a VA home loan. As Davetta tells it, I was instrumental in also getting her VA home certificate eligibility.

For Davetta to buy the lovely home that she now resides in with her daughter and great-granddaughter here in Oakland, she first had to sell her old home. Working hard to be efficient, I prepared the loan and had it ready to go in just 17 days. To Davetta, this was really miraculous and made the qualifying process go as smooth as silk.

Because I’m very knowledgeable about the entire VA home loan process, I was able to answer whatever questions or concerns Davetta had. I was always available to provide information to make the process pressure-free.

I’m Here To Help

Davetta expressed her gratitude, and I was also grateful to receive her high recommendation. She gave me five stars for the painless process, and I was more than happy to help.

So if you’re a veteran that’s interested in purchasing a home here in the San Francisco, Oakland, or Greater Bay Area, feel free to reach out to me and I’ll be glad to connect. Before you know it, you’ll be pre-qualified and into whatever home that you’re interested in purchasing.

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